How accurate is my star map?

Every star map is independently calculated using the most reliable astrological formulas that have been extensively tested worldwide. Our highly skilled software development team took care of all the tricky parts to ensure your map always shows the exact same sky as your chosen date.

Why Should I choose NightSkyPoster?

Experience and loyalty! We have been in the industry of space gifts for some time now. Not only that but we always put customers first, with our UK based company & customer support operating 7 days a week you can be sure to get the best service. We understand you want a quality star map, speedy delivery and to get quality support when you have a question.

What can I use for the personalised message?

You can write almost anything you like here, typically this would be something special like “A special gift to mark a special day… the day you were born. Lots of love, Mandy xx” All we ask is no rude words or anything offensive. If your still stuck check out some of our images for inspiration.

Oh no I made a typo, what should I do?

Don’t sweat, we understand mistakes happen so were here to get them fixed for you 7 days a week. Just contact us via live chat, free phone or email support. We always fix errors regardless if an order has already been placed so sit tight once you’ve contacted us, we’ve got it covered.

How long does it take to arrive?

We love this question, if your order is placed before 5:30PM our brilliant operations department will have your order packed and sent via Royal Mail the very same day. If you want guaranteed next day delivery then choose Special delivery to get your star map before 1:00pm the very next day! International delivery takes 2-5 working days.

What are the dimensions of the star map?

Every print is on an A2 sized piece of archival paper. This translates to 42x59.4 CM or 16.5x23.4 INCHES. This is the industry standard size for posters and ensures it fits nice and snug in a poster roll to fully protect it when we deliver it to you.

How does the date work?

Good question, this is how we generate your map. You pick a date as well as a location then we do the magical part and create your beautiful personalised star map. A typical date example would be a birth date or the date you first met someone.

What quality print should I expect?

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything but simply amazing! We took a lot of time choosing the correct grade of paper, ink and performance printers so we could craft together the highest quality print to showcase this unique gift. If you’re not happy we will refund you in FULL within 28 days, we are this confident.